Fear the walking dead season 3: Danay Garcia tease the new antagonist and what awaits Luciana

Cinema 7 December, 2016

Several months before the broadcast of Season 3 of The Walking Dead Fear, Danay Garcia tease a little about what awaits us in the future.

Meanwhile Season 3 fear the walking dead, the web series continues Passage and melty you delivered Monday Chapter 8 in which a first betrayal took place. Today it reveals the About Danay Garcia actress confided in Comicbook about what awaits her Luciana character in the sequel, especially with the new evil that will make his grand entrance. The series is about to deliver us finally a true antagonist and can not wait to see what it will give . And if one believes Danay Garcia, we’re not the only ones eager to discover it. “I’m so looking forward to next season because I think the bad guys are never really bad, there is always something that motivates them. They have their reasons and background are often just people trying to do the best they can to survive ” .
It is therefore a priori complex and very wicked man we should meet. The franchise The Walking Dead gave us the usual multidimensional characters who all have a past loaded allowing some extent to understand their decisions and that is what has always been its strength . It seems that fear the walking dead is no exception to the rule and it is hoped that the evil in question will live up to our expectations. Anyway Danay Garcia is already intrigued by this character and hopes Luciana will be many interactions with her. “I want to see how Luciana would react to someone like that. What are his motives? What choices are they based? I think it would be amazing” . And US too. Waiting to see if Nick and Luciana meet this famous bad afterwards, we listed three mistakes not reproduce in season 3 of fear the walking dead ! What do you think about Danay Garcia?