Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 1, the spell of SPOILER unveiled in a first clip!

Cinema 19 May, 2017

A little more than two weeks before the arrival of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead on our screens, an excerpt of the very first episode is already available.
June 4 is getting closer and when we wondered recently if one of the main characters of Fear The Walking Dead was on the start , today is good news that is unveiled to you. Comicbook has released an exclusive preview of Season 3 premiere season “Eye of the Beholder” and as you can see below, Luciana should not succumb to her injuries of the last episode of the season. Season 2 . As a reminder, she was shot by the armed militia that took the whole group of Colonia, led by Nick, in ambush. From the images, we can guess several things, namely that season 3 should resume directly after the end of season 2, And that Nick and Luciana will escape. They both seem to be in a sort of tunnel and despite Luciana’s protests, Nick assures her that he will not abandon her and that he will take her to a place where she can rest.
It must be said that the young man no doubt feels a little responsible for what happened to Luciana since it was he who insisted to lead the group of Colonia to the shelter and to the military camp. Only the military camp proved to be much more aggressive than expected and is thought to be one of Fear The Walking Dead’s antagonist groups of season three. With the approach of Madison, Travis and Alicia of the border, it is also assumed that these characters are likely to be surprised too and one can only hope that there will be no other wounded . In any case, we look forward to seeing all the characters together and to discover the next episodes that are far more tense than the first two seasons. To wait until June 4, New Fear The Walking Dead season 3 promo pictures are available on melty! What do you think of this excerpt?