Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 5 Tonight, Otto’s ranch in danger!

Cinema 26 June, 2017

A new season 3 episode of Fear The Walking Dead will air on AMC tonight, but what’s going to happen?

More than a few hours before finding Madison, Alicia and the others at the Otto family ranch on AMC . While yesterday you were asked to come back to the 5 lessons that The Walking Dead could draw from Fear The Walking Dead , today it is after the season that we are interested. The episode, which was broadcast tonight and entitled “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame”, should bring us back to the ranch but also show us what is going on for Daniel and Victor who both fled together from Tijuana . As you can see in the excerpt below and as expected, Madison prepares to go on a mission with Troy to find some of their men who left several days ago.
Obviously Nick and Alicia are rather worried but Madison tells them rightly that at best they will know the Otto and at the safest they will be. It must be said that Troy seems to be endowed with a certain character and that Madison has everything to gain to gain his confidence. According to the synopsis, however, Madison should be worried about her children as a threat to the ranch and video promo shows that Nick will be present to help Jeremiah push her back. Finally one wonders where Victor and Daniel will go and especially if they arrive at their destination before killing each other. We hope in any case that the return of Daniel in the series will soon allow us to review Ofelia in season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead .