Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 6, Alicia is preparing for war in this new excerpt!

Cinema 30 June, 2017

Fear The Walking Dead hit hard with the first episodes of his season 3. Dead, suspense, action and soon a war? See the episode 6 extract!
Warning, this article contains spoilers on the first episodes of Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead. At the beginning of the month, the series made a shattering comeback on AMC ! We had somewhat lost in the second season due to the lack of action. But that was before ! The first episodes of Season 3 sealed us at our headquarters: Travis’ death, Daniel’s return from the flames, Madison’s adaptation and his family in a new community. New intrigues that do not leave us marble and gives us the urge to continue . In episode 5 of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead , the atmosphere is heavy. Difficult to locate the inhabitants of the Ranch and the intentions of each one. Then on mission, Madison, Troy and his group are surrounded by armed men who ask them to evacuate the Ranch. War is declared, as this new excerpt from FTWD episode 6 suggests !
After seeing a nascent idyll between Alicia and Jake, we find them in this sneek peak of episode 6. Alicia trains to fire with the gun, which could confirm the violence to follow in this next episode . Little by little the ties are drawn between the characters of the series: Madison and Troy are tame, Alicia has approached the young people of the community of which Jake, even Nick lowered its guard to Jeremiah, the leader of the Ranch. Good news because if a war is being prepared, it is preferable that the inhabitants help each other to defend their territory. We are also eager to learn more about the new characters, presumed killers of Travis, and their ambitions to take back the lands that belonged to their ancestors. Rendez-vous Monday to debrief together this episode 6 of Fear The Walking Dead ! And if you too are a fan of this series, come and participate in the 2017 World Cup ! What do you expect from this new episode?