Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 6, Madison and Troy ready to kill, our review

Cinema 3 July, 2017

Yesterday evening AMC was broadcasting a new episode of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead of which you can not discover our criticism.

Season 3 episode Fear The Walking Dead, “Red Dirt”, was aired last night on AMC and he still gave us some answers about Travis’s death. While Nick and Alicia are both close to the Otto family – each in their own way – Madison, Troy and their group have come back in a pitiful state of their research mission. Feet in blood and morale at half-mast, they tell what happened to their comrades and the warning of Walker and his group. As one might expect, the threat of natives who want to recover their land has an immediate effect on many Broke Jaw Ranch residents who want to get out as quickly as possible. The discussion that follows is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the deep racism of Jeremiah Otto, but it also reveals that Walker is not unknown to them.

Jake had already had the opportunity to be confronted with him before the apocalypse when he was a lawyer, since the problem of land ownership is not very recent. Despite Alicia’s protests, the young man decides to go to meet Walker to try to find a common ground rather than see his men land at the ranch to attack them all. A risky but rather wise decision that corresponds well to Jake’s character, as it perfectly corresponds to the character of Alicia to follow him. For their part, Madison, Troy and Jeremiah are ready to take up arms. The threats are fleeing several inhabitants whom Jeremiah does not retain and it must be Madison who clearly explains to him that one inhabitant in less is also a fighter in less on their side to realize the danger. But Madison’s words do not resonate with Jeremiah since Troy decides to take things in his own way.

Story that one does not forget his psychopathic tendency, one learns at the end of the episode that Troy killed one of the families having fled so that they are found and that the other inhabitants wanting to flee realize the danger. This murderous method at least allows Madison to make a powerful and unifying speech behind which the community seems to be gathering. The relationship between Madison and Troy continues to grow, and Madison’s need to help souls in distress is well reflected. Perhaps she will find Troy what she can not get at Nick’s, that desire that he needs her and her approval to move forward. While waiting for the last two episodes of the first part of the season, you can vote every day for Fear The Walking Dead HERE.