Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Episodes 7 and 8, Madison on the wrong side, our critic of the final mid-season

Cinema 11 July, 2017

That’s it, the first part of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead ended yesterday on AMC and we invite you to discover our criticism! Watch out for spoilers.

The first part of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead is already finished and last night it is indeed a double episode that was broadcast on AMC. We suggest you to discover our review of “The Unveiling” and “Children of Wrath”, and pay attention to spoilers. In episode 7, we find Jake en route to the camp of Walker and it is obviously on Alicia that he ends up falling. As you would expect, the negotiations are not obvious despite the goodwill of the world and it must be admitted that it is difficult to justify the Otto family given the circumstances. Meanwhile Ofelia is – finally – his big comeback in the series in the opposite camp to that of the Clark.

Episode 8 will tell you more about how Walker collected it and healed it but finding it there is not really a surprise since the promo we had prepared for it. This is not the case of Alicia who does not hesitate to tell him the bottom of his thought after Ofelia escaped with their car in season 2. It must be said that she left them in a But Alicia is still particularly hard on someone who has just lost her two parents in a very short time and who has also grieved to survive. Meanwhile things are progressing with a deal concluded and a hostage in each camp to keep their word.

On the Broke Jaw Ranch side, Nick is offering a small cup – which will surely recall Tom Riddle to some – to go with his new status as a militiaman. This allows him to watch Troy closely and calm his conscience – yes, he finally has one and what a pleasure to see him finally take responsibility for his family … Yet we see where his character comes from since c Is Madison’s turn to take on the role of ugly duckling who, on the return of Jake and Ofelia, insists on going to save Alicia. The series takes advantage of it to play a dangerous game with the opposition between Caucasians and native-Americans and places his heroes on the wrong side while Madison just refrains from calling his enemies “savages.” Despite Jake’s efforts to keep the market and the words of Jeremiah who does not count, Madison prefers to provoke a war rather than await the return of Alicia.
Obviously things go wrong and after Jake almost got scalped, it is discovered that Walker was much smarter than everyone in poisoning the militia. The cliffhanger on the survival of Nick could have been very nice but we chained with the second episode which quickly shows us that he will not die even if he ingested anthrax (!). Episode 8 leads to a finally predictable outcome after which Jeremiah Otto gets killed in exchange for ranch tranquility. Madison’s speech and Nick’s gesture seem to pave the way for a relationship of trust between mother and son and we are anxious to see how this will evolve in the future. Finally, on his side, Victor found the Abigail for a short time, made contact with astronauts – just that – and decided to fire his boat to go ahead. The final scene turns out to be as beautiful as well staged and close a successful first part of the season.

The two episodes offered a good conclusion to the conflicts with Walker by getting to know both sides and returning to the history of their families, to which was added that of the Clark. Moreover, Otto’s past, similar to that of Madison’s father, allowed her to confide in her children and help them understand this hard façade that she sometimes refers to. The issue of racism at the United States border has been approached in a somewhat irregular manner, but it has also revealed certain facets of the unknown protagonists, of what to see them in a new light. Anyway it’s 8 well-conducted and well-paced episodes that AMC has offered us, promising for the sequel and that make us look forward to seeing the end of Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead.