Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Episodes 7 and 8, the explosive promo video of Mid-season Finale!

Cinema 4 July, 2017

Season 7 and 8 of Fear The Walking Dead will air on Sunday night on AMC. Discover without delay the video promotion of a Mid-season Finale that looks intense.

We did not believe it anymore and yet, with this first part of season 3, Fear The Walking Dead regains its letters of nobility and almost bites the star to his big sister! After a season 7 of The Walking Dead in halftone and – let’s be honest – terribly painful, it’s good to see that the AMC show spin-off took a whole different direction and learned from its mistakes … The bad news? It’s already time to say goodbye – for a while – to Fear The Walking Dead. Yes, the friends, next Sunday AMC will broadcast the Mid-season Finale of this season 3 and if we believe the video promo, it looks muscular …

War is declared between the inhabitants of the Ranch and the Amerindians led by the mysterious Walker! But this Mid-season Finale will mostly be the opportunity to meet Ofelia in this season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead … Since the time we waited for it, we can not wait to rediscover the young woman who, as the Video promo, is more assembled than ever … You will have understood, it is thus a period of diffusion for the first part of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead! The opportunity for the series to escape the scroller Game of Thrones which, as you will recall, will air on Sunday, July 16 on HBO. As for the return of Fear The Walking Dead, no official date yet but we bet for the end of August!