Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: How could the series end?

Cinema 11 January, 2017

We still do not know when season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead will be broadcast but it does not prevent us from questioning ourselves on the continuation.

Good news for zombie fans! The Walking Dead not only back in a month and a day, but in addition you were told there is little that the shooting season 3 of fear the walking dead began . After months of waiting, we can therefore assume that the first info on the sequel will soon arrive but today we are projecting even more forward towards the end of the series and how it could end . Since we have no idea how many seasons Fear The Walking Dead still has before her, it’s about intrigue that we will talk about rather than dates or number of episodes. Feel free to share in the comments how you would like the series ends or you have ever imagined for Madison, Alicia, Nick and others . As for the survivors, we would like several members of the core group to be still alive, such as Victor Strand, charismatic and resourceful, or Alicia Clark, a surviving survivor who is improving every day. It is hard to imagine Nick also dying, if only because he has a certain gift to escape death.
Regarding Madison Travis, it’s hard to say though, we must confess, Travis of death probably would mark not us enormously … It’s a little different for Madison Clark s is displayed from the very first episode as the central character of the series, the link between families Clark and Manawa . Without knowing what to expect, it is hoped that Luciana will have a more prominent role in the sequel and we see her finishing leader of her own group, with or without Nick. Finally about Ophelia, although its fate remains precarious at the end of Season 2 of fear the walking dead , we also hope that it will survive and will remain alongside Alicia and other survivors. Obviously these are only wishes and when we know The Walking Dead, we suspect that many characters could die and many new ones could be introduced by the end of the series. But let’s put aside the end “Everyone dies and the Earth is in the hands of the zombies.” As for the end plots, we already know that zombies will always play a big part.
Unless FTWD eventually goes beyond The Walking Dead to bring us to a world where a cure has been found and where, to complete the loop of this series that is centered on normal people, the characters would gradually return to a Life. Obviously we do not hide that we would like to see something else, an end that would be a nice gift for the fans of the universe, an end that would link – finally and despite all the denials on the crossovers – the two series The Walking Dead . Madison or Victor or Nick could arrive near Atlanta and discover the remains of Alexandria, or one of the characters of FTWD could fall by chance on a character of the other series. In short, we have time to continue dreaming since Fear should still be on the small screens for several years. Meanwhile Season 3, we listed three reasons why fear the walking dead was a success ! And you, what end do you imagine for Fear The Walking Dead?