Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: More about the baddies of the upcoming episodes! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 16 January, 2017

While the filming of Season 3 has just begun, new info falls on the sequel to Fear The Walking Dead. But who are the next enemies of our heroes?
It’s the beginning of April we finally discover later heroes misadventures of spin-off of The Walking Dead . Given the state in which they were left in the final episode of season 2, there is a lot of worry for them. The Apocalypse definitely leaves them no respite ! The filming of Season 3 of The Walking Dead Fear had begun, many information we receive and finally announce a new chapter bloodier. Whose fault is it ? The group of soldiers armed to the teeth we met in the final minutes of the second season. But who exactly are they? Asked about the future of his character, Danay Garcia (Luciana) we learn a little more about those that can already be considered antagonists of this season 3 of fear the walking dead .
If Alicia Madison and Nick will probably quickly gathered at the military base in the season 3 of fear the walking dead , they clearly do not have time for warm reunion. What should we expect? Danay Garcia enlightens us: “Luciana will be most affected by these people who killed members of his group (…) It goes much blame them she does not know, either Nick They are foreigners,… (…) They are American soldiers, armed to the teeth. They have everything they need to kill them, they no longer fight against amateurs with Sticks and knives are serious, they will have to use other tactics to survive … I do not know if Luciana will survive but it will be interesting to see how she Will face and adapt to this new monster and how Nick will react (…) It’s a brand new game! ” . You will have understood, finished laughing for our heroes facing this over-trained militia! Will they succeed in getting by? Stay tuned for all the info on the next season of fear the walking dead .