Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Shooting started!

Cinema 7 January, 2017

While The Walking Dead is currently on break, the filming of Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead begins!
Action ! While we révélions 3 reasons why fear the walking dead is a success , filming of Season 3 is about to begin in Baja, Mexico. It is through Gale Anne Hurd, (producer of the franchise series) that we learn it. Indeed, the latter has published a photo on his Twitter account, showing a beautiful sunset over the city. In legend, it does not fail to clarify that this relates back to Baja indeed the launch of the shooting season 3 of Fear . We salute the dedication of the producer who does not take advantage of the hiatus of The Walking Dead to rest, preferring to devote to its spin-off. After a particularly successful second part of Season 2, with new characters and beautiful evolutions for those we know, we are eager to discover what the next episode bursts through.
With this announcement, we can now expect to get many spoilers about the war that will be played in the Mexican-US border, but also about the new community led by the first big bad of the franchise. While the season 7 of The Walking Dead will resume on February 12, we know that the season finale will be offered on 2 April. In fact, we can assume that the first season of fear the walking dead, why we offered you three plots to revive the series with season 3 , will be released on April 9th. Do you look forward to discovering the first spoilers of the new episodes?