Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Soon a new band to revive fans interest?

Cinema 16 March, 2017

A few months before the release of Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, one wonders if new characters could help the series to be more captivating.
The bad news fell some time ago and it may well be that Fear The Walking Dead season 3 is broadcast later than expected , that is, this summer. While waiting for an official date from AMC , Melty continues to help you wait until now and today we are wondering about the existing group and the possible arrival of a new group. Although the characters are already quite numerous, it is clear that their plots and / or personalities are brakes for some fans who can not hang on to the series . The introduction of a new group, possibly via the community that is on the Mexican-American border, would make it possible to shake things up a little.
Madison, Travis, Alicia, Victor, Nick, Luciana and Ofelia allowed us to discover the apocalyptic world as it was in the first cases of resuscitation in zombie but despite two sympathetic seasons, The series to fascinate us and give us really looking forward to seeing the next. The arrival of a main antagonist, possibly played by Emma Caulfield, promises us already beautiful things since the characters will finally face a real threat to which they will be more difficult to escape than the others to which they already had to to face. Indeed, it has to be said that so far neither the zombies nor a group of armed and merciless men have really been a problem and it is hoped that having a real ”
Besides getting to know new characters is always nice – according to the characters in question. By learning their own survival story, one could learn more about the beginning of the apocalypse for them and both groups could eventually form one more important and exchange their knowledge. In any case and if the screenwriters continue to kill characters at the same rate as in the first two seasons, there will soon be many characters left. And if the series follows a pattern of his big sister The Walking Dead, one can expect either Madison / Travis / Alicia, Victor, Nick / Luciana or Ofelia to fall on other characters who Would gradually integrate the series. S ‘ Will it be Gabi or Sierra de Fear? The Walking Dead: Passage? Or other actors we have not heard of yet? We’ll know in a few months … Until then, we wondered if Alicia was going to have the same evolution as Carol in The Walking Dead. What do you think ?