Fear The Walking Dead season 3: SPOILER talks about his return!

One of the main characters of Fear The Walking Dead made his big comeback! Episode 4, “100”, traced the past of SPOILER who confided in his reappearance in the series …
Fear The Walking Dead fans were thrilled to see Daniel appear at the end of episode 3 when he had disappeared from the radars since the fire he had caused in the villa Of Celia. On Sunday, Fear The Walking Dead episode 4, entitled “100” (for the number of people Daniel killed) was broadcast on AMC tracing Daniel’s past. We were able to learn what Ofelia’s father had gone through, from the conflagration to his reunion with Victor at Dante . Ruben Blades, the interpreter of Daniel, confided in his great return in the series! The memory is refreshed with an excerpt from episode 4 of Fear the Walking Dead …
“I’m very, very happy because they have really missed me. But I’m disappointed not to see Cliff Curtis every day . It’s a really great guy, a great actor !” Ruben Bades (Daniel) refers to the character of Travis who was killed in the second episode of season 3. A sudden death that was not expected at all … “I really like all the people who work I think that fans are one of the main reasons why Salazar came back in the show ” , Said Ruben Blades. We are also delighted with his return and episode 4- ”
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