Fear the walking dead season 3: Tension mounts in a new episode of “Passage”

Cinema 21 November, 2016

Who says new episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead tells new webisode and this is the sixth chapter of Passage you can find today!

fear-the-walking-dead-saison-3-episode-17 The Walking Dead season continues and after you see our proposed review of episode 5 , it is now a brand new webisode of Passage that you can see below. Remember, AMC has implemented the same process as last year with a web series episodes composed of more or less a minute and aired during commercials breaks of season 7 of The Walking Dead. After Flight 462, so it’s Passage which is supposed to help us to wait until the return of Madison, Travis, Alicia and others in Season 3 of fear the walking dead that will air next year. This week, Sierra Gabi and reach the tunnel indicated by Gabi to go to Mexico and find Colton, her boyfriend . Although Sierra remains on the defensive, we doubt that it is reassuring to know that the tunnel is definitely there and could represent a welcome escape in this world sinking.
The question is where the three survivors then will lead and there is already a base set up on the other side of the border. Since Sierra, Gabi and Colton are so close to the border, you would think they are not far from where are Madison and his group as well as Nick and Luciana. Indeed all groups converged on the border at the end of Season 2 of The Walking Dead Fear, and the web series continues this momentum. Could Passage of survivors be the first members of the armed militia who in Nick takes, Luciana and Ofelia in fear the walking dead? it is not impossible even if we have yet to determine the motive of the attack. As usual, the extract is more frustrating than informative and waiting for the next one is already back on the link between Passage and Season 3 of The Walking Dead Fear and its characters! And you, what do you think?