Fear the walking dead season 3: What is the relationship of the webseries Passage with Madison, Travis and others?

Cinema 18 November, 2016

The spread of 7 The Walking Dead season started the new webseries signed AMC but what is the link with Passage of fear the walking dead?

fear-the-walking-dead-saison-3-the-walkingIn full broadcast 7 of The Walking Dead season and while you melty unveiled a new clip of episode 5 there are few, it is a little bit on the new web series AMC entitled “Passage”. As some already know, the chain has replaced the same device as last year, namely broadcasting a mini series during the advertising breaks of The Walking Dead wait for fans to fear the walking dead season next. After Flight 462 who told the plane crash and the survival of two passengers who made an appearance in the main series alongside Madison, Alicia, Travis and others is now Passage that we are discovering . You can also view the top 5 webisodes following in the video below. This year, we follow the adventures of Sierra (Kelsey Scott) and Gabi (Mishel Prada) who help each other to survive . Gabi knows indeed a refuge and as you can see in the video, Sierra agrees to accompany it – Gabi is injured – but refuses to acknowledge that they need each other.
What exactly is the link of these two heroines with Madison, Travis, Victor and the other characters fear the walking dead? Well, as Flight 462 with Jack and Alex, we can expect that the characters end of Passage by appear in season 3 of FTWD . For now the web series seems to focus on Sierra and Gabi who want to cross the Mexican border near which the main characters are. Their geographical proximity facilitates a meeting and it is hoped that fear the walking dead integrate better than Jack and Alex who have had only minimal appearances in the series. It must be said that this is already quite frustrating to discover their adventures one minute at a time to one week apart, if it is still giving them quickly intrigue aside, the interest – other than money – escapes us … Until we find out, discover the fate of Chris already predicted in a deleted scene from season 2 of the Walking Dead Fear . What do you think of “Passage”?