Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Who’s going to die in the next episodes?

Cinema 11 February, 2017

A few weeks before the release of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, we begin the prognostications on the characters who will not survive.
A few more months to wait before the return of Madison Clark and all his band! Until then, we keep asking ourselves and after we wondered who Emma Caulfied was going to play in season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead , we wonder about the characters who might not arrive alive until the end . The first person on our list is Ofelia Salazar. Even though we think that her character has not yet been developed enough and that she is full of potential, it must be confessed that her situation is very precarious and that she could soon leave her skin there . Captured by a member of the same armed militia who shot Nick and Luciana, Ofelia has neither experience in combat nor their resourcefulness and is afraid that she will not survive the next season. The progress she made in defense still leaves us hope that she will remain some time in the series. The second character to be feared is Luciana for a simple reason: his wound.
Luciana was shot in the final season and it seems quite clear that the group that attacked her will undoubtedly bother too much to look after her. Also on a strictly narrative level, Luciana has mainly allowed introduction to the Colonia to serve the plot of Nick and could therefore be killed by the writers without big impact on the story. We admit that this possibility would not delight us since besides being an attaching character and, like Ofelia, full of potential, one would not particularly appreciate that Luciana was created only to advance the intrigue of Nick in season 2. Finally it is for Travis Manawa that we worry in the following. After Chris’s death, Travis suffered a serious knock-back and showed us how violent and irrational he became. This dull rage could put him in danger and make him ignore the most basic survival precautions if he were to go through a new trial.
Fear The Walking Dead remains a prequel to The Walking Dead and we know the habits of the older sister to kill characters regularly to create emotion among viewers and to renew the casting a little. After the supposed death of Daniel Salazar and Chris Manawa, it is therefore expected that season 3 will kill one of the basic characters of the series because after all it is always a series of zombies that one looks and We know how dangerous it can be . So it could be Ofelia, Luciana or Travis even if it’s still speculation and it will take another few months to really know what’s going to happen in the next season. One thing is for sure, the danger will surely be with the armed militia and we are eager to meet the new antagonist who could be their leader. Waiting for new information, we wondered if we could one day find communities of The Walking Dead in Fear The Walking Dead . And you, what are your forecasts?