Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Will the series become as violent as The Walking Dead?

Cinema 21 January, 2017

Months before the release of Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, one wonders if the sister of The Walking Dead will reach the same level of violence in the sequel.
Continuous standby and wait until season 3 fear the walking dead, we continue to ask some questions, especially after the 7 of The Walking Dead season was singled out for its violence . Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd recently said that the entire production team had calmed down the game for episodes following the first season in which Glenn and Abraham blew their heads rather dirty. It remains to be seen whether this will really affect the hearings or whether it is the plot that people judge above all – or a mixture of the two most certainly. In any case this leads us to wonder if Fear The Walking Dead will follow the same path as his older sister and offer us, in the next episodes, moments as shocking as realistic that could strongly mark the spirits.
It can be considered that this has already been the case, especially in season 2 when Travis throws himself on the two youngsters who killed his son Chris and beat them to death. The rage that blinded him in this scene was very well translated into the gestures of Travis, partly thanks to the impressive performance of Cliff Curtis. But apart from the odd aberration Travis times, fear the walking dead is for the moment more “soft” than The Walking Dead and for good reason: the characters are only at the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse and Are not yet hardened like Rick, Daryl, Carl and the others. The absence of real nasty and very relative threat from infected and their low decomposition plays on the violent aspect and gore but this could change in the result and to be honest with you, we hope it will be the case. For it is indeed the presence of a true antagonist that has missed us so far in the series.
With information on the evil of the upcoming episodes in season 3 of fear the walking dead , we know we can in any case expect to finally meet a real villain. This could push Madison, Alicia, Nick and others to adopt a more violent behavior in response to those of their opponents . If the antagonist of season 3 teased so far is part of the military militia on which Nick and Luciana fell, chances are that the sequence is rather agitated since we already saw how much the soldiers Had the trigger easy. Finally, even if the two are not necessarily linked, it must also admit that violence brings action and one would not be against a little more action in Fear The Walking Dead. In short, we only have to wait a few more months to know what will happen in the next season or not! And you, do you think FearTWD will become more violent?