Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Will Troy betray Madison as Shane betrayed Rick in The Walking Dead?

Cinema 7 July, 2017

A few days before the new episode of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, back on the relationship between Troy and Madison and similarities with The Walking Dead.

The final mid-season finale and Season 7 and 8 episodes of Fear The Walking Dead will be released on AMC to close the first part of the season. In the meantime, we propose to go back to the interesting relationship that developed between Troy Otto and Madison Clark and the possible similarities with Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh of The Walking Dead. Far from being best friends from the start, as Rick and Shane were, Troy and Madison keep getting closer and finding common ground as episodes unfold. Madison seems to have found how to “control” Troy by using her maternal instinct.

Troy, on the other hand, found in Madison the figure of gentle authority he needed, and never ceased to seek his approval. The team they form is not unlike that of Rick and Shane, who quickly took charge of tension after the reunion of the two best friends and the discovery of the relationship between Shane and Lori. Complementary but slightly dangerous and ready to go very far to survive, the four characters of AMC offer fascinating dynamics but also a little scary. Moreover, Shane’s instability is reflected in the unpredictable temper of Troy, who at all times seems ready to make an irrational decision.

Can Troy abuse Madison’s confidence and betray her afterward, as Shane betrayed Rick and tried to kill him? This is not impossible since after all, Troy has already tried to kill Madison the night of their mission. Besides, the relationship between Madison’s son Nick and Troy is always more than tense and could eventually force Madison to choose his side. Although Madison is the one who seems to be leading the dance for the moment, we can not rule out the possibility that Troy will pretend to submit to her in order to better betray her when the time comes. It is hoped that this will not happen and that Madison will continue to bring out the best of Troy in the future. Waiting to find out, our critic of Season 3 episode Fear The Walking Dead is still available.