Fear the walking dead: she will be the series canceled before the end of The Walking Dead?

Cinema 14 December, 2016

The wait continues until Season 3 fear the walking dead, but one wonders if the series still has many years ahead of her …
7 The Walking Dead season is on hiatus and it will take some months before the distribution of Season 3 of The Walking Dead Fear in which a new antagonist will be arriving from Danay Garcia . While waiting to know what will look like this evil, we take the time to wonder a little what the future holds for the little sister of The Walking Dead. Far from not appreciating the series, this does not prevent us to question ourselves about the long-term legitimacy. The intrigues that we dread in fact it begin to look more and more to those in TWD, especially with the arrival of a true antagonist in Season 3. The introduction of this new character can be double-edged SINCE I must admit that the characters have not really had to face real “villain” in the first two seasons and the ease with which they cross all obstacles on their way proved uninspiring . Yet there is concern that the pattern of good VS evil gets too close to each other since, series As time will pass, the universe already likely to be increasingly similar.
Moreover FTWD has not succeeded, after two seasons to really attract our sympathy to his characters certainly more pleasant than in Season 1, but still a little too annoying. Madison, Alicia, Travis … all have friendly faces we hope to see explored in the suite but all have sometimes frustrating actions that limit our empathy towards them . This limited commitment obviously has an impact on the hearings of the series. The first season to the second and despite (or because of) the increase in the number of episodes, fear the walking dead rose from an average of 7.61 million viewers for the season 1-4190000 for season 2. If the score for the population 18-49 target was more than respectable on the first season with a share of 3.8, it has decreased significantly for the next season with only 1.83% among all viewers. In comparison, The Walking Dead gathered 5.24 million curious before his first season with a share of 2.7 for 18-49 and 6.9 million viewers for the following.
These hearings are very good compared to large chains and other series broadcast on cable, but the sharp decline from the first to the second season is not really good advertising for AMC. Fans of the universe and novices were not hanging and it is possible that The Walking Dead, based on comics and therefore with a plot already laid and a fanbase already formed, thus continues even when fear the walking dead will was canceled . Obviously scores between FTWD and TWD but even made independently of its big sister is compared here again, the Fear of audiences are falling, the rate of 18-49 which generally rely on renewals or cancellations also, and he must not forget that without TWD, the series would not exist, so the comparison is hard to avoid.
Nevertheless the figures are to be qualified since other star of AMC series like Mad Men or Breaking Bad were far FTWD scores, and the spin-off Better Call Saul also saw its audience down season 1 2 . Furthermore as fear the walking dead continue to honorable hearings, AMC’s interest to prolong as it’s still part of the flagship franchise of the chain. The question is whether the fall will continue or whether the hearings will stabilize in the next season. In short, we are a little concerned for the long-term future of the series even if we hope to have good surprises in the next season, especially with the arrival of this famous bad news. Meanwhile whether the hearings will rise soon, we have listed 3 mistakes not reproduce in season 3 of The Walking Dead Fear . And you what do you think ?