Fear The Walking Dead, The 100, Game of Thrones … These series that kill the favorite characters of the fans!

Cinema 1 March, 2017

There are series that do not hesitate to kill the favorite characters of the fans. So, if you do not want to suffer, discover some of these.
TV series is a whole story and we all look at it for different reasons. This may be to relax after a big day of taff, it can be for laughing, crying, thinking, learning, scaring … In short, there is something for every taste and every Colors! However, there are also series that may surprise by the number of deaths . And these can shock viewers who do not necessarily want to see the heroes of intrigues die, and totally unexpectedly. Here are several shows that must absolutely be avoided if you absolutely want to follow your favorite heroes from beginning to end.
For almost seven years, The Walking Dead has been vibrating millions of fans around the world. It follows a group of characters in a post-apocalyptic world where the zombies (called “walkers”) have taken possession of the globe. But the biggest danger comes probably from the living and because of these two factors, we witnessed more than a hundred deaths over the seasons. At the same time, there is Fear the Walking Dead, the prequel to The Walking Dead which, in two seasons, killed two main characters. Very soon!
Who does not know the reputation of Game of Thrones? In addition to being aesthetically breathtaking, the HBO series does not hesitate to part with one or more characters per season. That they are nice, bad … the writers mock, a bit like death . One thing is certain in any case: each character who gives his last breath is entitled to a striking death and is visually memorable …
THE 100
Broadcasted on the CW , The 100 is one of the most deadly series (literally) to have seen the light of day. A bit like The Walking Dead, the show takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. A little like Game of Thrones, power and survival is at the heart of the plot. And like the two, The 100 killed strong characters that fans loved . And some of them still have not forgiven Jason Rothenberg, the creator of the series for a certain death that took place in season 3 …
Gray’s Anatomy season 13 continues next week in the United States . Yes, 13 years of antenna is a long time and it is then obvious that some characters have not lived until today . In truth, only 4 main characters met the Grim Reaper, but these dead scored the fans of the series. Indeed, we still talk about Gray’s, a series that knows how to cry and move!
Well, for the latter, we cheat a little. It must be said that despite the many deaths that took place in the show, they have always been canceled (or almost). However, some characters – in the course of the eight seasons – have made their last breath in a definitive way and sometimes very shockingly. Nevertheless, it has been possible to review them on certain occasions, especially during the last episodes aired, at the dawn of the final series of The Vampire Diaries, which will be broadcast in 10 days in the USA.