Fear The Walking Dead: Top 3 most violent moments in the series!

Cinema 25 January, 2017

A few months before the broadcast of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, back on those violent moments that shocked us.
The days pass and bring us closer little by little the return of Madison, Alicia, Nick and the other survivors. To help you wait, we wondered there is little if fear the walking dead would become as violent as The Walking Dead in the suite and while waiting for the answer, it just comes back on the most violent scenes in the series . Although the level of gore is nowhere near that of The Walking Dead, especially after a first season that was controversial, one can not deny some particularly memorable moments of fear the walking dead . It begins with a scene that took place at the beginning of the series: Madison exploding skull of its director to save a student with a weapon as original effective: a fire extinguisher . Full of resources, Madison does not hesitate to strike when she realizes that the infected does not let go of the case and so she kills her first infected. Scene as violent as surprising since one discovers the character under a new facet.
In second position it is still the death of an infected that it is but this time it is Nick who is at the origin. In season 2 when the young man is in the Colonia infirmary, he finds himself with a dead man who has just woken up and since he does not have a weapon at hand, he shows as much Ingenuity that his mother and the kill … with his thumbs. Pressing his fingers in the orbits of the infected to her brain burst, Nick offers a disgusting spectacle that surely did not fail to remind some the death of Martell Oberyn in Game of Thrones … Finally LA scene of the most shocking fear the walking dead remains Travis explosion of rage when he learns how Chris died . Blinded by anger and sorrow, he beats the two youngsters with unheard-of strength and violence that recall his fit of anger against the soldier in the first season. In short, as much as Travis surely reserves us some surprises in the following and that the next episodes could be even more violent. While waiting to find out, we wondered how fear the walking dead might end. And you, what scenes have you scored?