Fear The Walking Dead: Travis, Ofelia or Madison survival better than Rick, Daryl or Maggie of The Walking Dead?

Cinema 28 May, 2017

A week before the release of Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, a return to the characters who may well survive many years in The Walking Dead.
June 4 is coming soon and season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead has already unveiled in a first excerpt that was proposed to you recently. Until next week, we propose you to look at the survival capacities of the characters of the series and those of his big sister The Walking Dead. As you know, the particularity of the prequel lies in the fact that its heroes are not predisposed to survival, unlike Rick or Shane whose professions pre-apocalypse represented a certain advantage. Between an education counselor and a teacher, Madison and Travis are not really pro-arms and survivors, and yet …
There is a tendency to think that yes and that Madison, Travis, Alicia and Nick may still be in the series for many seasons. Indeed, the characters have demonstrated an instinct of adaptation rather fast given the circumstances, and it is already known that Madison and Travis do not hesitate to use force when necessary. On the other hand, their lack of self-confidence leads them to be more cautious, unlike some characters in The Walking Dead who, after several seasons, tended to underestimate their opponents and overestimate their strengths – as was the case With Rick and Negan. It is hard to see Travis not wary of what happened to his son, and one imagines that he will henceforth be much less tolerant towards those who, He considers as “bad guys” . If at the beginning of the apocalypse he often tried to parley and find a compromise, we suspect that season 3 will be quite different.
Ofelia, for her part, was totally transformed by the death of her mother and then her father and could follow a pattern similar to that of Carol in The Walking Dead. Having nothing to lose, Ofelia proved that she knew how to fend for herself and that she was able to survive in a hostile environment, thus surely becoming one of the best survivors of both series. Finally, Madison is also one of the characters who would survive as much as Rick, Michonne or Maggie. In the early days of the apocalypse, Madison did not hesitate to kill one of her colleagues with a fire extinguisher and if this is not the proof that she is determined to survive, we do not know what this’ Is … In short, after two seasons that have a little lack of constancy, We must admit that the characters of Fear The Walking Dead have evolved well in terms of survival and we are eager to see what it will give in the sequel. In the meantime, find out which of Rick or Negan was most present in Season 7A of The Walking Dead . What do you think ?