Fear The Walking Dead: Why We’re More Excited by Season 3 than by Season 8 of The Walking Dead

Cinema 4 May, 2017

A few weeks before the arrival of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead on AMC, you are told why it is expected more than season 8 of The Walking Dead.
A few days after a new Fear The Walking Dead season 3 promotional video in which the survivors become killers , we look at our renewed enthusiasm for the series, which contrasts with that of The Walking Dead. Indeed, if the mother series is always full of qualities and characters that we adore, it is clear that over the years, our interest in The Walking Dead declines and that a few weeks from June 4 is Especially the prequel Fear The Walking Dead that makes us look forward to it . The new characters first of all since Season 3 should not only welcome Emma Caulfield – hopefully in the role of a great antagonist very teased by the production – but it’s also a small group that will make her appearance.
Although The Walking Dead introduced us to several communities in Season 7, the new characters on which the series has been leaned have not been numerous and the old characters have interacted with the same ones as usual. Despite the arrival of Negan or Dwight, the dynamics remain the same and begin to weary. On the Fear The Walking Dead side, the characters – sometimes very annoying – always have a great deal of mystery which presupposes that we will learn to know them better . The prospect of being able to discover them again and in new situations remains pleasant since they have not “lived much” on the scale of the series, and that dialogues and scenes tinted with normality are much more numerous than in The Walking Dead . The characters speak, even if it is sometimes to say nonsense, and give us the impression of being humans in a situation of apocalypse and not people already badass and experts in zombie creep from the beginning. Moreover, they are also the zombies that we can not wait to see in season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead.
Unlike his older sister, Fear The Walking Dead still has the opportunity to scare us through his zombies, since it is still a novelty in the world of his characters and they are still in the process To learn how to fight them. Their presence has been greatly accentuated in the promotional videos of the new season and we are anxious to see them as a real threat since they had for the moment been somewhat set aside for the benefit of the human threat. Finally, even if it is not always consistent, the rhythm of Fear is not repetitive nor predictable, it remains unexpected and gives a certain freshness to the series we are anxious to find . The innovative side, even after two seasons, always plays in her favor and she now has all the keys in hand to offer us a good season: New characters, a group that provokes many reactions, a real antagonist and always more zombies. While waiting to know if the result will live up to our expectations, we still wondered whether Fear The Walking Dead would look more like The Walking Dead with the arrival of Scott Gimple . And you what do you think ?