Fear The Walking Dead will look more like The Walking Dead with the arrival of Scott Gimple?

Cinema 24 April, 2017

Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead is coming soon, there may be some changes with the arrival of Scott Gimple, the showrunner of The Walking Dead.
June 4 is getting closer and as Fear The Walking Dead season 3 unfolds with new posters , we now suggest you come back to Scott M. Gimple’s upcoming production team. Indeed, as already announced, the current showrunner Dave Erickson will leave his place at the end of season 3 to two new co-showrunners, Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, and Scott Gimple will become executive producer of the series. A welcome change for some and feared by others, including fans of The Walking Dead . Indeed some fans attribute the failures of The Walking Dead to the method of Scott Gimple which, it must be said, Almost follows comics to the letter, sometimes forgetting to make his characters human and realistic characters that go further than their paper alter-ego. Without saying that The Walking Dead no longer pleases us, which is far from the case, we admit to you that the “useless” conversations between the members of the group of Rick are missing us.
Whereas the first seasons of The Walking Dead gave us a lot of exchanges between the survivors and discussions that did not necessarily advance the plot but supported the characters, the last seasons were rather marked by the absence of real Dialogue and by many badass and seemingly crucial speeches such as “This is what we have to do to survive” or “The world is like this now” . We love the epic moments accompanied by striking speech as much as anyone else, but we hope that the influence of Gimple from this point of view will not rub off on the characters of Fear The Walking Dead . For the force of the prequel is precisely the ”
Whether it is Nick, Madison, Alicia or Ofelia, all the characters are endowed with a real dimension that sometimes harms them because, like everyone else, they do stupid things and are not always very interesting to follow. But that’s also what sets Fear The Walking Dead off of his older sister and we hope it will stay that way. It is also hoped that the prequel will not begin to have agonizing cliffhangers or episodes of filling up a big episode as The Walking Dead often does . The rhythm of Fear The Walking Dead has not always been equal, but it is more a global coherence than a rhythm too repetitive as is the case with Scott Gimple’s series. In short, Scott Gimple’s expertise could bring a new lease of life to the prequel and give him the little missing element to make us really hook, but we hope that the soul of the series will not be changed to become too similar to The Walking Dead. While waiting to find out, we wondered if Travis could become like Negan in the sequel to Fear The Walking Dead. What do you think ?