Fear The Walking Dead: Will Season 3 catch up with the first two?

Cinema 23 March, 2017

Since the Fear The Walking Dead season 3 will only be broadcast in June, we will take the opportunity to ask ourselves if it will finally catch up with the level of The Walking Dead.
While Season 7 of The Walking Dead is in full swing on AMC , we keep waiting for news of his little sister and a first video promo was finally unveiled for season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead . Yet it is only a small teaser and we are looking forward to having a trailer to show us a little more about what will happen to Madison Clark, Victor Strand and others. Until then, we wonder about the intrigues with the information we already have and today is a certain optimism that makes us look forward to being this summer. Indeed and although it is as short as intense, the first teaser of season 3 clearly shows the walkers as a main threat to Nick and Luciana .
Certainly just like The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead has never sold as a series of zombies and it is human beings that follow it. But it must be admitted that after only a few fears, the infected have become secondary in terms of threat and the teaser of the next season lets us think that this might well change in the future . After all the zombies remain a logical and effective way to add tension to the series and we all remember the beautiful sequence during which Madison and the group of the hotel lead a whole horde to the sea. That the level of tension will rise one notch, especially in a series whose title is, literally, “be afraid of the undead” .
You must admit that we have been hoping since the beginning that the great villain will be played by the actress Emma Caulfield, known for her role in Buffy and who joined the cast of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead . With her corner smile and malicious little air, Emma Caulfield would be the perfect bad guy that was missing in the series so far. Because in spite of many adventures and a few characters lost on the way, we always found that there was a little something missing at Fear The Walking Dead so far and that heroes tended to get out of complicated situations a bit too easily . Whether it is the “pirates” attracted to Alicia, the infected or the gang in Mexico, Madison, Travis, Nick and company have gotten out of all the bad things a little fast and we hope that all this will change afterwards. Obviously this is only a point of view and we invite you to share yours in the comments while waiting for the return of the series! So, what do you think ?