Fifty Shades Darker: Canada forbids film to under 18s and details shocking scenes

Cinema 27 January, 2017

The award has fallen and not everyone will have the right to see Fifty Nuances more Dark at the cinema. Canada has just banned the film for children under the age of 18.
Will Fifty Shades Darker be sexier, darker and more trash than the franchise’s first film? The Canadian AcSB decided to prohibit persons under 18 years old unaccompanied to see the film (the same decision was made for the first part) and justified its decision by stating: “The décidants noted: several scenes Nudities, exposure of the chest, buttocks and pubic area, in sexual and non-sexual contexts, about 28 lines of vulgar or sexual dialogue, 4 scenes with sexual activities and 3 violent scenes with physical aggression and weapons ” . Now it’s safe, this new track will not be just a fun part for the characters in the movie!

Dakota Johnson had announced, the film look more like a thriller than a complicated love story and the latest trailer of Fifty Shades Darker were clearly settling of gaits. In France we are not particularly renowned for our severity regarding the public of the films and we are anxious to know in which category the film will be classified!