Fifty Shades Darker: Christian’s past resurfaced in the new sexy trailer

Cinema 3 January, 2017

Sexy and dangerous … This is what the new trailer of Fifty Nuances Nuances reveals tonight unveiled in the United States.

This is enough to warm us on Tuesday with cold and grisaille! Last night the US had launched the new season of the Bachelor and it is this event chosen by Universal to unveil the ultimate trailer for Fifty Shades Darker due out in a little over a month. It contains images already seen, but also sexier news, but also more dangerous and ON ADORE. You know, Fifty Shades Darker be R-Rated (meaning that younger will not be allowed to see) and the film promises to be more hot than ever and this is what it feels thanks To this new trailer! Most fans will also notice that several key scenes from El James’s book are shown, including Christian’s helicopter accident, his visit to the Ana portrait exhibition, and the Ana / Helena encounter. We do not know about you, but we can not wait!
This trailer also climbs up a level of anguish as Christian’s past resurfaces, notably in the person of Leila, a young woman who failed to convince the millionaire to accept a normal relationship and who obviously has trouble To accept that Anastasia had succeeded. The latter will not hesitate to threaten the young woman with a weapon before Christian does disembark! Another threat, this time on the side of Ana, his new boss, a pretty intense man who obviously has many secrets! That’s exciting ! If you have not read the trilogy Fifty Shades Darker, it offers a focus on new characters from the movie .