Fifty Shades Darker: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan and casting tease what can be expected from the movie

Cinema 1 February, 2017

Plunge into the heart of the film by discovering the confidences of the cast on the much awaited sequel to Fifty Shades!
The moment has finally arrived ! Next week, the public will surely flock to in theaters Wednesday, February 8, output day Fifty Shades Darker . One year after the release of the first part, it is time to discover the continuation of the passionate love story between Ana and Christian. And this new opus promises much with the appearance of new characters and an atmosphere little by little agonizing. This week after discovering Fifty Shades Darker, the scorching theme of the film listening , production unveiled a video revealing us a little about the plot. Mixing extracts of the film and interviews of the film team, this video plunges us to the heart of this new section. Dakota Johnson (Ana Steele) explains: “While the first film was like an alarm clock, it becomes more complex with more suspense […] Ultimately, it is an epic love story, the one of them very dark desires and the other must be found in there because they love each other deeply ” . One point on which Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) can only agree: “Christian knows he needs Ana is present in his life.”
Now that we know that for Fifty Shades Darker Canada banned the film for under 18 and details the shocking scenes , we can expect a darker, sexy movie! And these are not new cast members or the director who tell you otherwise … James Foley director announced: “There are both psychological threat with Ana and Christian coming off one of the and other physical threat on their lives ” . Indeed, Anastasia will face Leila an old submissive but also Jack Hyde whose behavior will become more and more disturbing and intimidating. A dark turn for the movie that the actress Bella Heathcote boast: “I like the thriller side and this element of danger This becomes increasingly dark.” . Eric Johnson (Jack Hyde) although there are “a lot of sensuality in front of the camera and not only in rooms” , Fifty Darker Shafes is downright a “psychological thriller” ! After all these opinions, impossible not to be impatient to discover the film on screen! Will you see the film on the day of its release?