Fifty Shades Darker: Jamie Dornan (Christian Gray) unveils his amazing preparation for his role

Cinema 21 January, 2017

To play Christian Gray in Fifty Shades Darker, Jamie Dornan gave of his person. And to prepare for the role, he even began to do amazing research!
Ah, what would we not do for the cinema? Jamie Dornan knows something! In order to better play the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Darker , the actor had to make efforts, concessions and agree to shoot scenes hot … not always obvious. Besides, he did not hide from it. If the production team Fifty Shades Darker put everything in place to run a successful sex scenes while facilitating the work of the actors, simulate intimacy is not obvious. And even if he and Dakota Johnson have now become friends enough to trust each other. But in addition to this, Jamie Dornan had also to prepare in order to better enter the head of his character. Christian Grey as well be sexy, we must admit that it tastes a bit special … So, to better understand the young man, the actor comes to a visit to a place where it is Is clearly not every day but Christian Gray would have liked him.
Come on, we do not make you lanterner any longer! Jamie Dornan has confessed in an interview with The Daily Telegraph that he went … in an S & M club, to better understand the followers of this sexual practice . All this for the sole purpose of observing of course! He relates: ” I had never experienced anything like this before I never saw any S & M practice and I was not interested at all in this world. ..” Like what, a role does not only open up career prospects. But it must be known, the meltynauts, that this little observation session had no other effect on Jamie Dornan. He then says: ” [S & M] is really not my thing I’ve always been open-minded and I never judge someone’s sexual preferences.. .” Anyway, Jamie Dornan takes his role very seriously, we can not deny it! And the actor in Fifty Shades Darker said Christian Grey is clearly not someone he would get along , however, it has spared no effort to understand them and make it believable. Go for more than a few weeks to wait before finding the Christian-Anastasia couple on our screens! Do you look forward to seeing the film?