Fifty Shades Darker: What changes between the film and the book?

It’s been a week since Fifty Shades Darker came out in the dark rooms, the time for us to take stock of the differences between the film and the book written by EL James.
It is a bit of a tradition when a film adapted from a book comes out, we note the small differences between the two. It’s been a week since Fifty Shades Darker went out to the cinema , the time for us to take a short look at what we missed in this second part of the franchise. If a large part of the characters in the book were featured in the feature film, two people were missing: Dr. Flynn and Ethan Kavanagh . The first is none other than the psych of Christian Gray and Ana should have met him in Fifty Shades Darker . In the book the latter helps him to understand the behavior of Christian and even shares a dance with the young woman during the evening of charity. Ethan is none other than Kate’s brother,
The latter had already had to be in the first film since he is present at the graduation of his sister. In Fifty Shades Darker , Ethan arrives just after the armed confrontation between Leila and Ana and together, they go out to have a drink to change their ideas. Exit Ethan, in the film Ana walks alone in the rain for hours! Another change is the importance of Elena in the film. In the film, the character played by Kim Basinger is very important and its presence is much more harmful than what we can see at the cinema. His confrontation with Christian’s mother is much richer in EL James’s novel!
Finally the demand for marriage is not the same. In the film, Ana wakes Christian from a nightmare and the latter takes the opportunity to make her request without the young woman know if he is still dreaming or if he is perfectly awake. In the book, the request takes place after the incident involving Leila and Christian brings Ana into a house he planned to buy for them. The important thing is that the answer remains the same: Anastasia says yes! If you have not yet seen the movie, we suggest you to discover if Fifty Shades Darker is more or less sexy than Fifty Shades of Gray ! What differences have you noticed between the book and the film?

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