Fifty Shades Darker: What does the post-generic scene tell us about the sequel?

Cinema 18 February, 2017

You missed the post-credits scene of Fifty Shades Darker? Do not panic, melty is there to tell you. Attention, big spoiler in sight about Fifty Shades Freed!
Gone are the days when we left the movie theater without knowing that a post-credits scene was waiting for us at the end of a credits. Now we are used to: when we go to see a blockbuster or a Marvel, out of question to rush to the exit as soon as the film finished, at the risk of missing valuable clues about the sequel. A recipe that works all the time, and whose saga Fifty Shades has seized. You know if you have stayed to the end of the film, there was indeed a post-generic scene in Fifty Shades Darker . And for all those who have gone before, sorry to announce it to you , but you’ve probably missed an É-NOR-ME thing . Because these final images have simply teased the rest of the saga! So, you are warned, big spoiler in this article. Still there ? Come on, we give you some bulk incidents, which will probably talk to you if you have already matted the first teaser of Fifty Shades Freed, based Christian, Anastasia, hot scene … and marriage . Yes Yes.
The post-generic scene opens with Anastasia Steele, who wears a wedding dress and a veil. The young woman faces a man whose face is unknown (but who is strongly suspected of being Christian Gray) reciting her wedding vows. Words that are then heard over several images of the couple, which are not in any carnal activity. They are discovered on the beach. Would there be a honeymoon on the horizon for our two terrible lovers? If so, on this point we can already note that there is no change between the film Fifty Shades Darker and the book written by EL James, which opens on the marriage of the couple. In any case, at melty we are already looking forward to seeing how the two characters will adapt to life after marriage, And if the passion between them will always be at the rendezvous! Did you stay until the post-generic scene of the film?