Fifty Shades Does Darker break the Fifty Shades of Gray record in the US?

Fifty Shades Darker was released last Friday in the United States and the time is the first balance. More or less big successes than the first part?
This is the question we all ask when the second film of a franchise goes out to the cinema: will the success of the first film be there? Fifty Shades of Gray had broken many records when it was released in the American movie theaters, allowing Universal to spend a super year and commission two more films. After two years of waiting, fans finally discovered the adventures of Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele on the big screen, but were they all there? If it is impossible at the moment to know whether the film will be as big a success as its predecessor in the long term, a first assessment based on the first weekend of exploitation is possible.
When it was released in 2015 and on its first weekend of release, Fifty Shades of Gray was distributed in 3646 cinemas in the United States and reported more than $ 85 million in revenue. If Fifty Shades Darker placed at the top of the US Box Office this weekend , the film distributed in 3710 theaters reported “only” $ 46 million in revenue. A performance pretty disappointing, but over the long term the film should make a beautiful journey! See you in theaters next February to see Fifty Shades Freed , the third and final film in the franchise!

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