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Entertainment 10 September, 2017


In an article explaining how to Brigitte Macron endorse his costume first lady ” with a caution of a Sioux “, Le Parisien has revealed that the wife of the head of the State has received this summer at the Elysée palace, the visit of Marc Lavoine. The singer with the big heart came to promote, with the former professor of Letters, the Satchel Connected.

Approximately 11 000 children experience each year in France, a hospital stay of several months that the further away from the school. The finding, the association, The Collective – founded in 2005 by Abdel Aïssou, Marc Lavoine and Raymond Domenech – has decided to put in place a mechanism to make a link between the school and the hospital by creating a Satchel Connected, a small suitcase, in fact, equipped with a webcam and a tablet allowing students to attend courses at a distance.


An object o how useful that allows hospitalized children to follow their courses at a distance, and of which the first experiments have borne fruit. “It has been two years that we are developing the prototypes, and that we arrange the experiments. All of this proved successful until now. Moreover, the ministry of national Education has agreed to sign an agreement that will allow us to generalize the system “, explained as Abdel Aïssou late last year on the antenna of franceinfo.


VRP of this Satchel Connected, the singer Marc Lavoine has found this summer at the Elysee to make the promotion with Brigitte Macron. A information revealed by Le Parisien in an article devoted to the way in which the wife of the head of State to endorse cautiously the costume of a first lady, while remaining very active. Explaining that the former professor of Letters ” in addition to the agenda, the official ” trying ” to write its own partition “, the log indicates as well that if Brigitte Macron has lunch regularly with the ministers, she does not forget to meet the actors of civil life quick to provide him with all information on issues of disability, education and women rights ; topics that affect them particularly.


Note that the Satchel connected has a manufacturing cost of a little less than 2 000 euros, and that it is completely free to the child who receives it. “We live on the donations of individuals and corporations. So anything that comes on our site is welcome “, had stressed Abdel Aïssou always on franceinfo.

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