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Entertainment 10 December, 2017


While the body of Johnny Hallyday is en route to the island of St Barts, where he will be buried on Monday, 11 December, some wonder why the singer did not choose to rest from his parents.

The final resting place of Johnny is definitely a lot of ink to flow. After the controversy concerning the distance, his fans found it unfair to have to travel thousands of miles to gather at his tomb, some are now trying to find out why the rocker has not wanted to be buried alongside his parents. It is true that he would have been able to make the choice to be buried in the Ardèche, in the village of Fishpond, where lies his mother, Huguette Clerc former model. Less likely, content that it has been abandoned by his father when he was only six months, Johnny would have, however, been able to decide to be buried in Belgium, in Schaerbeek, precisely, by the side of Léon Smet.

It is ultimately up to St Barts, to more than 6 000 km from the metropolis that he will spend eternity as required by his last wishes. Why ? Simply because it is literally fell under the charm of this small island, its sun, its palm trees, its crystal clear water and its gentle way of life. A life more simple and more discreet, to which he has made a lot of good. There, he took the time to live, to relax, to soothe. A refuge in paradise than he did discover Laeticia and then to their two daughters Jade and Joy. In 2008, the couple even built a villa named Jade, with a breathtaking view of the sea. A magical interlude that the rocker has preferred not to close it, choosing to rest up for the night time on the island fetish. Monday, December 11, his ultimate wish will be granted.

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