Fipronil : the list of withdrawn products lies

Health 21 August, 2017

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Published the 20.08.2017 at 17: 14


The ministry of Agriculture has published on its website the list of products made with contaminated eggs, the fipronil and withdrawn from the market. Two modalities are possible : the simple withdrawal, in the event of a ” fault without impact on the health of the consumer “, and the withdrawal-recall, ” when the health of the consumers are likely to be challenged “.

Only the first case is for the presented time. The list of withdrawn products, intended to evolve as the ski lift information, as relates to this day of waffles and cakes to the frangipane of various brands of distributors. They are listed in the table below.


List of products withdrawn in the August 20, 2017


The concentrations of pesticide of the lots in question are greater than the regulatory limit (0.005 mg/kg) but do not justify a recall. “At this stage, the controls and inspections carried out have not identified any raw materials or product developed with concentrations above the reference dose, acute (ARfD), the only one that could lead to serious troubles in case of ingestion of contaminated food,” said the ministry in its press release of 17 August last.

Fipronil was found in a pest control product is tampered with, the Dega-16, used in several poultry farms in the netherlands and Belgium. The use of fipronil is banned in Europe on animals intended for consumption, because of the risk that may be present in its consumption in large dose. To date, at least 17 european countries are concerned by the scandal health.