Firecrackers and fireworks on new year’s eve : prohibition in many areas

Health 31 December, 2017


Published on 31.12.2017 at 18h23


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Grand-est, Herault, Loire Country… the firecrackers and fireworks are forbidden in the detention, transport, and use for individuals. A decision discussed, but logical, and is not only related to the attacks.
In 2016, in the Lower Rhine, 42 people have been injured as a result of the use of a firecracker, according to the prefecture of the Lower Rhine. Nearly half of them had less than 16 years and the lesions have affected the eyes or hands.
An imperative : not firecrackers tinkered ni and use of fireworks professionals to buy the necessary materials. There are luggage, suitcases, ready-to-use, but never forget that it is explosive and that you are working with powder…

A celebration but a danger

Of course, a firecracker that explodes, it is ” funny “. Everyone has at least one or two childhood memories on this subject. The problem is that it is also sometimes dangerous.
Accidents due to firecrackers affect 9 times out of 10 boys between 10 and 14 years of age in 50% of cases. These are essentially burns of the hands, but also of the face and especially the eyes, as well as injuries to the ears.
The blast of the explosion, plans to high speed particles incandescent, debris, stone or wood, the origin of délabrements not always simple to repair.

The reconstructive surgery is on a war footing

Every year, the experts in surgery of the hand and the eyes are seeing too many victims of gear the more powerful. Consequences of heavy, with several cases of complete loss and definitively a must or the vision of one eye, or even enucleations, that is to say, total removal of the eyeball.
It is estimated that more than one out of two times, the injuries due to firecrackers require hospital care, which means that this type of accident is serious…and that it is a bad place to spend new year’s eve.

A context often alcoholic

Very often, this is not the firecracker that is directly in question, but the context, the alcohol, the partying, the fact that a young “artificer”, to put the firecracker in another object, such as a glass bottle. These injuries are serious, occur most often in children 1 to 4 years of age who “attend” their big brother.

The prevention also depends on the distance of spectators in general, especially if they are tipsy, and children in particular.