Five things to know about Sandra Bullock, the heroine of Gravity

Entertainment 5 December, 2016

This Sunday, December 4 TF1 broadcasts Gravity , the masterpiece of Alfonso Cuaron haloed 7 Oscars. Unpublished clear, this amazing and intense blockbuster, offered to Sandra Bullock, a true artistic renaissance it, which previously was used to the light comedies. Spotlight on one of the most discreet of Hollywood stars.
Germany’s second country

bullock-1Born in 1964 of a German opera singer mother and an American father, a former soldier and voice teacher, Sandra Bullock spends much of his childhood in Germany and Europe, where it follows the business trips of his mother. She participated in small roles gypsy, upstage , or as a singer with her sister. Note that speaks the language of Goethe, but however clearly states prefer to speak English.

Beautiful but not that!

In April 2015, she was voted ” most beautiful woman in the world ” by the US magazine People at the age of 50 years. As it deems ” ridiculous ” because for her, the ” real beauty is discreet “: ” It must be a good person, a good mother, preparing meals, let someone before you who hurry. The people I find most beautiful are those who are not trying to be ” , she had said.

George Clooney, his friend of 20 years

Sandra Bullock cultivated for over twenty years a large and beautiful story of friendship with George Clooney. ” He’s a good man. I am very proud to know him and of the human being that he has become , “said she explained to the Venice Film Festival in 2011. ” Strangely, I am one of the few people not to be output with him. We kindly preferred to leave this issue aside. And that’s probably why we love so much today . ” Complicity transpires in Gravity they share the bill. Note that the actress was in a relationship with Ryan Reynolds , the current partner of Blake Lively .

The role of his life almost passed under his nose

The role of Dr. Ryan Stone interprets it in Gravity was cause for Angelina Jolie . But she finally refused. Many stars were then solicited as Natalie Portman , Blake Lively or Scarlett Johansson . But all declined except Sandra Bullock. For the character played by George Clooney, it’s Robert Downey Jr. who was first approached.

The night she fell at her face to face with her stalker

On June 8, 2014 while she was getting ready for bed, a strange noise the fate of his bed On the door of her room, she saw, in the corridor, a man dressed in black. This man is none other than Joshua Corbett, ” his ” stalker. Panicked, Sandra Bullock then locks himself in his room and called the police. With the arrival of security forces, the balance would be to beg ” Sandy ” not ” continue .” He was carrying a notebook filled with pictures of the actress and small words. ” I always think of you and my son Louie. You’re my wife according to the law of God and you belong to me ” , he had written especially. Fortunately, the son of actress was with her nurse at the time.