Flavie Flament: his life after the David Hamilton affair

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

Last October, she slept on paper the horror that she was the victim at the age of 13 and that she had never dared to entrust. His offender, David Hamilton, escaped justice by committing suicide. But these are thousands of other lives violated that the animator defends today, co-directing a ministerial mission …

Her face radiates again. His word is more assertive. It is now as “a journalist” . There are three months Flavie Flament was the story of “Dollie” his, that of a girl sexually abused at the age of 13, in the light, after thirty years of shame, secrecy and amnesia . Today at peace with his past, finally ensured to be heard, the facilitator It is made for each RTL attaches mission is to inform, to combat prejudice and also the limitation period.
Her rapist, the photographer David Hamilton, will never have to answer for the actions of which she accuses in his book The consolation (Ed JC Lattes) , released last October. Never named in the book, but ultimately appointed by Flavie following the testimony of another of his victims can still file a complaint, the master of erotic blur was found dead in his Paris home on 25 November. Death by asphyxiation , according to the autopsy report, which states that the photographer was found with a plastic bag over his head. An admission of guilt and injustice , according Flavie Flament. “We shared the horror of the situation as a human being and at the same time, there is a feeling of immense revolt because he will not have left time for justice to do its work (…) L horror of this ad will never erase those of our white nights ” , she summed up to AFP, on behalf of other victims Hamilton
Occurred three days after a consultation Flavie by Laurence Rossignol , Minister for Families, Children and Women’s Rights, the suicide of the photographer has begun nothing in determining the facilitator to recognize the status of victim. After starting with the magazine Psychologies a petition in favor of imprescribilité, signed by 20 000 people , she accepted this proposal Laurence Rossignol conduct a mission on rape and limitation periods.
Flavie Flament, a flagship icon of TF1, is not unaware that her word has been questioned by some, much less that she does not have the usual profile of a ministerial missionary. After eleven weeks of operation, his book The consolation would have sold nearly 19,000 copies. An honorable figure, but that does not make it a bestseller. His struggle to free speech will be long. But his commitment is total.
Since January 6 , between its emissions RTL and his new married life with a certain Vladimir she welcomes the support by the end of Consolation , the facilitator officially co-pilot with the former magistrate Jacques Calmettes “a mission consensus dedicated to the limitation of sexual crimes against minors ” , according to his appointment by the Minister for Families, children and women’s Rights. At present, victims can file a complaint up to 20 years after their majority if they were under the age of 18 at the time of the offense. Criminal lawyer and former president of the National Institute of victim assistance, Jacques Calmettes hope “light that covers the current prescription, its interest and its limits” . This is done through round tables, debates and hearings of different points of view.
This mission is already a long-term task with no immediate and potentially irrelevant impact on the next government. But when Flavie slams the door of her home in Boulogne in the morning, she finally knows why she deserves to be recognized …