Florent Manaudou actor in a series of TF1

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

At the end of his professional career swimmer, Florent Manaudou had initially desired time to retrain in handball. Between games, the top athlete now trying to acting. He will soon appear in Munch , on TF1 , alongside Isabelle Nanty.

flaurent-manaudouReconvert when we practice a high level sport from a young age has never been simple. That’s why many professional athletes decide to get a second job as close to their original passion. Laure Manaudou has chosen to become a sports consultant for France Télévisions , his brother, Florent, has initially opted for retraining in handball club. Today, the Olympic swimming champion yet tried his luck in a different world: the world of television. After taking acting classes, Florent Manaudou is set to make an appearance in the series Munch , on TF1, alongside Isabelle Nanty .
The news was announced on the Instagram account of actress Paloma Coquant, as if nothing had happened. On one of the pictures where the team appears recurring actors, Florent Manaudou tip his head in the background. No details have been revealed so far about the role pitched the top athlete, just The Morning ad there that the episode in which it participates will air ” current 2017 “. the friend of Jeremy Frérot in any case carefully chosen series in which he will participate. In releasing its first two episodes on Monday, Munch has indeed attracted nearly six million viewers on TF1 . This will be an experience second to former swimmer, briefly appeared in the past in a premium Our neighbors dear .