Florent Pagny shows his emotion during the tribute to Johnny Hallyday in “The Voice” Gala

Entertainment 26 January, 2018


TF1 launches season 7 of The Voice this Saturday, January 27. The death of Johnny Hallyday occurring during the recording of the show, the coaches could only pay tribute to him. A moment in time that Florent Pagny is not likely to forget.

Florent Pagny is a part of most appearances absolute of duets with Johnny Hallyday. Including, mythical, 2003 at the Parc des Princes, when he had almost missed his entrance. Then, when the production of The Voice asked him to record a tribute to the master with the other coaches, he did not hesitate a second. Without a doubt he would be so moved.

Last December, in the recording of The Voice, Florent Pagny, Zazie, Mika, Pascal Obispo and have had the pain to learn of the death of Johnny. They immediately accepted the proposal of TF1 to record a cover of something from Tennessee, the tube of the idol. All the more that Florent was unfortunately absent at the time of the funeral.

“This is the story of the life of realizing that someone has always been a part of your environment, in any case, there is a presence that is there all the time. In addition, as an artist, I had the opportunity to know him a little more and share a lot of moments with him, ” explains Florent Pagny in TV Magazine. This record was more touched than he thought he did : “We, the coaches, exercising the same occupation to show that to him, it had necessarily a peculiar sensation at the time, we had this collegiate church. When we were asked to change the title so that the one that we needed to do was already recorded, no one has talked about it and went there. “

The result will be to savouer in the new season of the télécrochet of TF1 and Florent Pagny hope that the chain will keep the first take : “This is that which is most just in what one has felt. ”

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