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Entertainment 19 December, 2017

The Voice

Hard blow for the French channel TF1. According to the magazine Télé Star, Florent Pagny would leave the program The Voice after seven seasons of loyal service.

Florent Pagny is leaving “The Voice’ Family “. In fact, according to the information of Télé Star, the interpreter of “My freedom of thinking” would have decided to stop the show the Voice and as soon as the year 2019 with the eighth season of the programme : “I think it’s good, I’ve done the tour, I’m glad “, he said. The famous singer would prefer to devote to other projects, without a doubt, far from the media world after recent controversy around his tax exile in Portugal : “I have other things to do also, he added. Don’t worry, this is not because I’m going to stop The Voice that I’m going to stop to exist. “

Coach since the program’s launch in 2012, her absence might be noticed by viewers, used to see it sitting in the famous chair red. But then who will replace Florent Pagny ? So for the moment, the singer Vianney has declined the invitation, other artists may well accept the offer of TF1. This is the case of Maître Gims, who has never hidden to have the habit of watching the show. Several times approached by the first string, he had had to decline due to his schedule (and a history of glasses). The name of his successor remains, therefore, for the moment, a mystery…

But the fans of the flagship programmes of TF1 be reassured : Florent Pagny will be alive and well for the new edition alongside Zazie, Pascal Obispo and Mika. Season 7 of The Voice should be broadcast in the next few months… Patience !

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