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Entertainment 1 February, 2018

The ambition of intimate

Karine Le Marchand has formally denied a rumor published by the magazine Tv Star, citing an announcement made in the show not Touch my position. The facilitator was not tender with the journalists of the magazine…

Karine Le Marchand’s share in crusade against fake news and, especially, those who take it in turns ? In Key not at my post on C8 Wednesday, January 31, Cyril Hanouna and Maxime Guény have announced that Florian Philippot, was in the middle of negotiations to participate in the show ambition and intimate, which is back on M6, with Franck Dubosc on the 6th of February next. The magazine Télé Star then relayed the rumor via an article published on its website the same evening, stating that neither the chain nor the facilitator had not yet been confirmed. The media has doubled the publication by a tweet : “After Franck Dubosc, Florian Philippot could be the next guest of Karine le Marchand in Ambition and Intimate,” said Tv Star.

Karine Le Marchand, mentioned in the message, was quick to react and deny strongly the rumor crazy. The facilitator, who has no language in his pocket, took squarely on the journalists of the magazine. “No, but…you don’t have enough to write anything ? When you do your research before you write your towel ? “, she blasted, with the hashtag “journalist ” in cardboard” as well as a retweet of the message of Tv Star.

Among the comments, a lot of people have come to the defence of Karine Le Marchand. Raphael Enthoven has preferred to take the advantage of the magazine. “This is nice, it is the use of the conditional with the verb ‘power’… “no One has said that you were GOING to do it. We just said that you COULD do. Where is the problem ? Where is the false info ?, he was asked by the philosopher and columnist. “The conditional is a facility that allows you to write everything and anything. And generate the click. I have known a time where the conditional was not used, where the journalists asserted, denounced, informed, after investigation, is leaving to work for a bit,” replied the facilitator. And ocd !

No, but…you don’t have enough to write anything? When you do your research before you write your towel? #journalisteencartonhttps://t. co/hbgK9iYc2P

— Karine Le Marchand (@KarineLMOff) January 31, 2018


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