Flu : successful testing with the patch vaccine

Health 28 June, 2017

Rob Felt, Georgia Tech

Published the 28.06.2017 at 13h33


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Finished off the needles ! A team of american researchers have developed a patch-based vaccine influenza. Their phase 1 trial presented in The Lancet shows that this alternative to the syringe is safe and induces a robust immune response against the influenza virus.

“Despite recommendations in favour of vaccination, influenza remains a major disease that can lead to significant morbidities and mortalities,” recalls the Pr Nadine Rouphael, responsible for this work, and professor of infectious diseases at Emory University (Usa).
In fact, there as in France, the population is reluctant to be vaccinated against the flu. On the 11 million French guests to get vaccinated each year, less than half goes to their doctor to receive the injection. “To have an option that can be easily administered and not causing any pain could improve vaccine coverage,” says the specialist

Needles, soluble

In partnership with the Institute of technology of Georgia (Usa), the team of Pr Rouphael has therefore embarked on the development of an alternative to the syringe. They have come up with a patch the size of a dressing with needles, microscopic and soluble containing the influenza vaccine.

After conclusive tests in the laboratory, the researchers have studied their innovation on the man. From June 2015, 100 participants from 18 to 49 years of age, in good health and not vaccinated the previous winter, participated in this clinical trial. Some have received the traditional vaccine, while the other 2 groups were given the vaccine patch. Among these, some have been vaccinated by a doctor and the other by the volunteers themselves. Finally, a last group was given a placebo delivered by the patch.