For George Michael’s cousin, his last boyfriend Fadi Fawaz lies on the circumstances of his death

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

The George Michael cousin, Andros Georgiou, published on January 15 a cry of anger on his Facebook page. He challenges the word of Fadi Fawaz, who presents himself as the last lover of George Michael, and accuses the star’s friends of having done nothing to save him.
Lies, rumors, betrayals … The death of George Michael on 25 December, is still shrouded in mystery. Today, it is the turn of the cousin of the star, Andros Georgiou, to express his anger and his incomprehension. It seems to many in the sulfur Fadi Fawaz, the last companion of the singer . The latter told the authorities that he was the one who found the lifeless body of the star. On 1 st January, a series of strange tweets, implying that George Michael committed suicide, have been published on behalf of the young hairdresser … What revolt family’s interpreter Last Christmas .
‘ J ‘ is trying to contain myself since I ‘ saw these tweets there for ten days , wrote Andros Georgiou on Facebook. But the more I read and j ‘ in learning about Fadi, the more I tell myself that I can remain silent no longer. ” He did not hesitate to treat Fadi Fawaz liar” It n ‘ has never been with George 24h / 24 and they don ‘ have never lived together: he lived in one of his houses in Regent ‘ s Park. Every day, I’m a little more angry reading his lies. J ‘ hope that ” he will not win a penny with the death of George. ”
For Andros Georgiou, who was very close to George Michael and nominated him as godfather of his children, suspects the star’s friends of being mere profiteers. “If only there had not been as many people saying yes to everything around him, he would be alive today. One thing is certain: it was not suicide. His so-called friends would have had to watch over him ! If I had been there, it would not have happened, and I have to live with it for the rest of my life. I’m sad and I’m sure you all are also ” has he always lamented on Facebook. Visibly seething with anger, he concluded his message with a call to the investigators, who are still struggling to determine the cause of the death of George Michael: ” I pray that the police come to the same conclusions as me, and for justice to be done . ” Assumptions about the disappearance of the star continue to multiply, without evidence is never revealed.