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Entertainment 1 February, 2018


Michel Fugain has never liked the tv-brackets : programmes which, according to him is put in front of the singers without any originality. In the columns of our colleagues from The Provence, a man of 75 years, persists and signs : “The Voice is an industrial disaster. Nothing comes out of it. “

Michel Fugain does not mince his words. The singer with many musical hits such as I would not have the time or still Do as the bird was granted an interview very cash to our confreres in The Provence.

In this interview, the 75 year old male talks about his musical career, his activism, but also the very critical eye that it bears against the new generation of singers. In this regard, Michel Fugain is bombastic and dézingue the remote hook lighthouse TF1. ” The Voice it is an industrial disaster. Nothing comes out of it. In any case, everything except the songs. Neither written nor composed. The people look at the issue, but nobody is going to see them in concert,” says the singer, before adding : “This generation is not hungry. These are ‘Tanguy’. I know, I have the same at home “. Very critical, Michel Fugain fulminates : “The voice, I have nothing to fuck. The singer used to that slab at the pleasure of the ears. But today they all have the same voice, the girls are pipistrelles, no hinges… most of them are not musicians.”

Last November, Michel Fugain, had already said all the evil that he thought of the tele-hooks for Big Mouths on RMC. About The Voice or The New Star, he explained : “I am very clear on it and then I am not hidden : personally, these emissions are extremely harmful. They give access to people who are not necessarily cut out for it and that will do basically the water in the wine “.

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Michel Fugain

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