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Entertainment 19 January, 2018

Mélanie Thierry

Every family has its traditions. Mélanie Thierry, her companion Raphael, and their children, Roman and Aliosha, have a very particular relating to the 31 December. They all dress the same – but no matter how.

“This is how we spend our new year’s eve, we made it a ritual. “Mélanie Thierry and his companion, the singer Raphael, have a little tradition of their own on the eve of the day of the year. This is perhaps one of the reasons for the longevity of their couple – it is now fifteen years that the actress and the interpreter of the Caravan, came to sing live in the Apartment Gala, fell in love, and live with a degree of intimacy of their relationship.

“The whole family and our friends will dress in a kilt, even our two little boys,” says Mélanie Thierry in an interview to the magazine Elle. And at midnight, we eat lenses standing. An old proverb says that so many of the lenses you will eat as much gold coins will be harvested. It has never been market, but we continue !

Beginning in 2017, Raphael came out his first book, with the full support of his girlfriend. Today, this is Melanie Thierry, who is on the front of the stage : it is the poster for the new film by Emmanuel Finkiel, The pain, alongside Benoît Magimel and Benjamin Biolay. She plays French writer Marguerite Duras during the Second world war, in June 1944, while her husband Robert Antelme has been arrested and deported.

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Melanie Thierry,Raphael

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