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Entertainment 7 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

The tributes rise after the death of Johnny Hallyday, which occurred on the night of Wednesday 6 December. Serge Lama had given a thought to the idol of young people, and recounted a few memories that he had with him. He also praised the role of Laeticia.

France seems to be waking up from a nightmare this Thursday, 7 December. The nightmare is, unfortunately, very real : Johnny Hallyday passed away on the eve, on the night of Wednesday 6 December. His wife Laeticia Hallyday is collapsed. It was she who announced the news to its audience in the early morning, with a message upsetting. “My man is no more.He leaves us this night as he will have experienced throughout his life, with courage and dignity,” she wrote. The importance of the role of Laeticia is no longer to prove : between friend, devoted wife and artistic director.

Serge Lama goes even further : “Johnny, until his encounter with Laetitia, was very much alone. He was born into a solitude which he could not get rid, and of which nobody could cure it, remembers the singer for more than 50 years of career, her tribute to the idol of the young, published in Paris Matchdans the evening of 6 December. In fact, he was afraid of the dark , and he always had someone to talk to. The buddies were empêcheurs of solitude even if, once gone, the loneliness was always there,” he continues. Johnny Hallyday was taiseux, Serge Lama confirms : “It was someone who didn’t open the box. Which remained closed. It was a lot of things about him that he did not disclose.”

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