For these roles, all Hollywood is ready to participate in the Hunger Games!

Cinema 12 July, 2017

Some characters are too important to take the risk of letting them pass. Sometimes dozens of actors are ready to do anything to get the role of their dreams.
When you know, you know and you’re ready to do anything to make you notice. You are an actor who is galley or an actress who is known, but you want to change your image and you see THE perfect role that awaits you and clearly, you want it. Will it allow you to win an Oscar? Perhaps. Will he make you a super actor / actor? Certainly. The problem is that you are not the only one to have spotted the occaz and once your agent has broken down to get you a cast, you still have to rip everything up to be the elected. Emma Stone has proved it in La La Land, auditions is not for the chochottes, even when you have 500,000 followers on Twitter. When you know that more than 40,000 guys have auditioned to play Harry Potter, you really think that 1) Daniel Radcliffe had to give everything for his audition and 2) Some roles are really to be chopped. But for which characters the Hollywood stars have most creped the chignon?

James Bond – No big surprises here, we’re still dealing with the most famous English spy. 6 actors have already saved the world on big screen and whenever one makes the costume, 15 others rush to prick his knot. It is Daniel Craig who plays Bond at the moment, but he would be on the start of the stroke Idris Elba, Tom Hardy or Tom Hiddleston are already ready for the sprint.

Han Solo young – What actor does not dream of joining the Star Wars franchise? Already because in terms of exposure it is the top, but mainly because the universe is very rich. When Disney / Lucasfilm announced that they were looking for a young Han Solo, a tidal wave of actors between 20 and 30 years old swept through Hollywood. So who has to fight against that? Miles Teller, Zac Efron, Ansel Elgort all lost against Alden Ehrenreich. Strength was not with them.

Katniss Everdeen – Could they have done better than Jennifer Lawrence? They tried in any case! The literary sagas adapted to the franchise are rarely flops and often good tramplins for the actors. So when the Lionsgate auditioned for the heroine of Hunger Games, they received numerous nominations including those of Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin or Saoirse Ronan. But it was finally Jennifer Lawrence who entered the arena!

Christian Gray – They have seen actors parading for this role and even after choosing the lucky one they have had to reverse their decision. Yes, the very sexy Charlie Hunnam had to lend his features (his body?) To the millionaire SM tastes, but eventually gave up. Among his competitors were Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder and Jamie Dornan. It was the latter who had the right to undress on the big screen. Congrats?

Wonder Woman – Being the most powerful woman on the big screen, who would miss the opportunity? Even we were tempted. Before the heroine returned to the cinema, several actresses had not been very discreet when they announced to anyone who wanted to hear her that they would love to give life to the heroine. No chance for Sandra Bullock or Katie Holmes, two of many others, who had to give way to Gal Gadot!