Friendly Strumbellas

Art 14 July, 2017
  • Sandra Godin

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 19:00

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 22:52

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    No, Quebec was not on the Plains on Friday night to see Metallica. A large crowd went to enjoy the pop effective of the Strumbellas, who, for their second passage consecutive with the FEQ, have once again made a tobacco… and in French!

    In response to the roaring noise we heard on the Plains since a Parc de la Francophonie crowded, The Strumbellas we have assené of their pop folk energising, with a temperature of more lenient, and a crowd that wanted to dance.

    “We’re Metallica!”, has blagué the singer and guitarist Simon Ward in the early evening. In all its interventions, the singer has made efforts appreciated – and very rare, from an English-speaking group – to speak French… even if we did not always understand their jokes.

    Very early in the program, We Don’t Know, extract which follows in the footsteps of Spirits to the radio, allowed the public to relax the vocal cords. But even if the public didn’t know the choruses of all the songs, there’s always a “ah ah ah” or an “or or or” to repeat somewhere in the parts.

    Despite the pop smooth to its success radio, The Strumbellas has a lot to offer in entertainment, with arrangements always entertaining, bringing us back sometimes in areas that are more folk / country to his repertoire, as with Rhinestone.

    Even if the transitions were sometimes slow, friendly Strumbellas have songs so catchy that it is impossible to resist. Those that we compare to The Lumineers have parts in which the rhythms in crescendo we are dancing and toe-tapping every time.

    The bomb Spirits has been unleashed by the end of the course, just prior to the recall. That, the public knew it by heart. This reassured the violinist Isabel Ritchie, who believed that there would be no one because of Metallica.

    The energy of Greenland

    Just before The Strumbellas, montreal Greenland was not his first Park of la Francophonie. They were the headlining in 2014.

    Behind his microphone, Sabrina Halde has a voice impeccable, and a magnetism irresistible, hopping, skipping and dancing throughout the show.

    With a brass quartet of this to enrich a few pieces, Nothing Personal was inflamed. The piano has laid the foundations of the room The Weather, supported by the tapping of the hands of the public. The intense Retreat has won warm applause from the crowd. A Wider Space, the title song of their 2nd album, was touching with its notes of ukulele.

    Their pop orchestral has left it to hover quite a nice atmosphere on the site. A pity that Greenland has announced that this pause is indefinite for the rest of the year. We are already looking forward to see the rest.

    Memorable Moment for Snowy owl

    The quintet of Quebec obviously had many fans in the audience. The group has made the whole place to pieces folk planing their first album, Laugh Away The Sun. Songs air finely orchestrated and arrangements developed have literally conquered a crowd not very compact, but very enthusiastic.

    “We grew up with the festival, we came to see dozens of shows here. This evening, it is truly a memorable moment,” said the singer and guitarist Samuel Wagner.