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Entertainment 13 January, 2018


The emotion was strong and the image of the incredible popularity of the star. Friday, 12 January, fans of France Gall made him their goodbyes while the singer was buried at the cemetery in Montmartre on the side of Michel Berger and their daughter, Pauline. The applause were supported and accompanied the artist to her final resting place, a tomb protected by a mausoleum of glass, which houses a cherry tree japanese.

With red roses or white in the hands, nearly 200 fans of the singer had gathered in front of the cemetery Montmartre. If they were not able to attend the funeral ceremony, the fans of France Gall are warmed up by singing the classics of the artist, deeply moved by the disappearance of the star. Some have hailed “a great lady” and many shouted “Thank you” and others “Bravo” in the direction of the hearse. “This is my favorite singer. She made the beautiful days of our family. It is the only day where it makes us sad then it made us happy all our life ” testified Dominique in the micro du Figaro. Upon the entry of the coffin into the graveyard, the crowd of fans dissipated, leaving the accused alone with the singer.

On their side, personalities such as Jane Birkin, Matthieu Chedid, Cécile Cassel, Pierre Lescure and Jean-Louis Borloo were also present. Wednesday and Thursday, the anonymous had already visited many gather before the coffin of the artist at the funeral home to the Mont-Valerien at Nanterre. In the room, ” She, she “, a song the lighthouses of France Gall, was played to pay tribute to him.

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France Gall

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