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Entertainment 12 January, 2018


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Raphael Hamburger and Bruck Dawit, broken since the death of France Gall, have avoided the cameras at the funeral of the singer in the montmartre cemetery.

On 12 January, in the cemetery of Montmartre, close to France Gall were given appointments, white flowers in the hand to say goodbye to the singer. In accordance with his last wishes, the performer Obviously has been buried in the strictest privacy, in the family vault, where rest Michel Berger and his daughter Pauline, who died at age 19 from cystic fibrosis.

His companion for the past 20 years, Bruck Dawit, and his son Raphael Hamburger have decided to live with their grief to the gap of photographers. So if many personalities of show biz and friends of the star have joined the graveyard, under the eye of television cameras and cameras of photographers, the family is not appeared. Nearly 200 fans were waiting for the convoy carrying the body of singer, who died at the age of 70 years. Willing to live with their grief as quietly as possible, the two men had not spoken since the release of the agent from France Gall announcing the sad news on 7 January.

The newspaper 20 Minutes, the former press attaché of Michel Berger and France Gall, and Grégoire Colard said about Raphael Hamburger “He does not want to be in the light. I doubt that he gave interviews” recalling on BFM TV that even if ” It works in the music (…) he does not want to become a star that reveals his personal life and intimate “.

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